Adoptions 2010 Adoptions 2010 "Vegas" 6 inches tall "My daughter and her husband were married in Las Vegas almost two years ago. They have a dog called Vegas, who is a French Bulldog. I asked Wendy to make me a mini-Vegas for their wedding anniversary gift from me. Vegas arrived this morning! WOW... Wendy has managed to capture the essence of Vegas, and added her own touch of humour and class. Vegas is a showgirl complete with a feather boa, her little head wobbles as she is sitting up begging (as she does) Thank you, thank you thank you for this wonderful bear/dog... I can't wait to give little Vegas to them, I know they will love her. If anyone has a very special request, Wendy is the one to speak to, thank you thank you thank you!!!!" Writes Gabe 69970011 Axel lives in the UK "Hi Wendy, my parcel arrived safely, (Spencer, Axel, Humphrey, baby, Kevin Koala and Little Harry) and hey, guess what? you were right, I love them all! they have all found space in their new home here in England! Can't wait till I get Jeremiah! Take care and will speak soon, Debbie x " 79551112 Romeo lives in France "Yes! I am now the lucky owner of Romeo and I know every one here and there is terribly jealous!!! And they are right to be so jealous for Romeo is amazingly wonderful! Really, such a great creation, so much precision, creativity and so on! Wendy, you're the best!! Kind regards Corinne" 87083904 Jeremiah Lives in the UK "Hi Wendy, just to let you know that I received little Ed and Jeremiah safely, they are both wonderful, I just love jerermiah's eyes and tongue!! take care Debbie x" 87083913 Opal (eBay) "so cute, I love him so much, Thank you" 93385889 Zoeleil - Charity Auction November 2010 "Hi Wendy - little Zoeliel arrived safely this morning. I am so excited and she is absolutely the most gorgeous little girl ever! Thank you so very much for donating her to our "Bears that Care" 2010 charity bear auction in support of ovarian cancer research and test development ( to be held in Melbourne in November. We both hope to see as many bear collectors, artists, enthusiasts there as possible!! Huge huge hug for your generosity. Judi 8)" 93385583 Tabitha (eBay) "what a cute bear, settled in well A++++++++++++++++++++" 93386258 Elijah "Last One" "Hi Wendy, Yes, he's here! He is adorable! And it seems that my kitty loves him as much as I do because she has absconded with him! I need to search him out and put him in a safer place. Penny steals the wigs off my dolls and carries them everywhere. The dollies are organizing an 'intervention' as we speak! Some of them are on the verge of rioting and are threatening to lock up Penny and throw away the key." 95826497 Last Koala & Kangaroo Gabe bought this pair to send to her Aunt in the USA 96503602 Casper the Wascelly Wabbit "Just received my first critter from Wendy, a miniature rabbit named Casper! She (I'm calling her a girl) is SO ADORABLE and the workmanship is just incredible.... I will have to bring more of Wendy's creations home. My dolls are clamoring for them." 96503603 Rocko in Hawaii Hi Wendy, "Got the little cutie today and you are very talented. I just love the feel of this bear, as love a bit of weight in my bears. I left feedback for you too! Thanks again, and it didn't take too long at all. Aloha, Diana" 100529558 Daddy Warbucks the Chow Chow "Wendy was brave enough to challenge herself to make a chow chow. These dogs are hard to duplicate and get them right. I am just amazed at how acurate she got him. I just love him! The detail on him is just incredible. Her talents with the needle, airbrush and attention to detail make her stand out among her peers. This little guy is so fun and I will cherish him for a long time." 100529591 Chow Chow Number 2 "Holly" "Gorgeous chow chow. Great attention to detail" 103647402 Ping Ping "What a beautiful bear!! Highly recommend. Will buy again. A+++++++" 108015643 Cappuccino "Exceptional minature Bear thank you Wendy" 103647080 Summer "Dear Wendy, I received Summer today and I adore her.Thanks so much for the fast shipping." "Adorable miniture Bear thanks for the fast shipping Wendy" 103647079 Abner "Beatifully made with wonderful details. One of my favorite artists!!A+++++++++" 103647081 Zena "Super communication. Fabulous bear!! Will buy again and again. Thank you!!" 108015668 Chow Chow Number 3 "Look who came to live with me! Made by Wendy at M.E. Bears. Love this Little Chow Chow!" on Facebook 103647280 Winnifred Sold on Etsy "This is a gorgeous little bear!!! I am so happy to have her living with me! Thank you!" 103647283 Bendy Bert "Thanks Wendy, for Bendy Bert and May-Ling, they are just adorable" May-Ling the panda did not even make it to my webstore! 108015483 Breast Friends "Hi Wendy, just to let you know that my bears have arrived safely and they're both just gorgeous! Thankyou soo much for your lay-by service, it was much appreciated. Kind regards, Debbie xx" "Hi Wendy, Breast Friends arrived safely, and WOW what a Pair!! Love them Kind regards, Debbie x" 108015562 Tilly "Excellent bear! great communication, highly recommend seller, thanks Wendy x" 108015584 Sheridan "Arrived safely, great bear artist, highly recommend, thanks Wendy x" 108015669 Peanut Rabbit "Hi Wendy, Just letting you know that I got Grandpa Snow and Peanuts today, they are gorgeous. I have kept all my M.E. Bears together for their trip to Brisbane. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Gayle" 109913047 Mozart Meerkat "Well made, 5* seller, thanks Wendy x" 109913165