Commissions 2010/11 Commissions 2010/11 The 1st Chow Chow Daddy Warbucks is his name and he was requested by Jane! He is 4 inches by 4.5 inches 139565376 Christmas Elves - 4 inches For Zac & Lilly's Xmas 138998067 Bernie - 2.25 inches 139565378 Courtney Bunny - 4.5 inches For Shelley 139565379 Casper - 4.5 inches Also for Shelley 139565380 Angel Vegas - 5 inches Boston Terrier for Gabe. This was a wedding present for her Daughter! 139565515 Vegas - 5 inches Also for Gabe - she liked the first one so much! 139565514 1/12th scale jointed bear For a dolls' house. 139565510 For Lilly's Christmas 139565518 Bike for Zac's Christmas 139565517 Red Antique Design - 2.5 inches Living in the USA 139565511 Penguin Lovers 10 and 12 inches - made for a pair of live birds!!! 139565377 Chow Chow Kumo lives in England 138975380 Bearnocchio Michael requested this little guy - he is 9 way jointed (the bear is, not Michael) 139812977 Dopey Dwarf - 4.25 inches The first Dwarf for Michael.... 139812976 Happy Dwarf - 4.25 inches 2nd Dwarf for Michael 138975381 Sleepy Dwarf - 4.25 inches 3rd Dwarf for Michael - this one wears a night shirt 139565512 Grumpy Dwarf 4th Dwarf for Michael - this guy is really smouldering..... 145976762 Bashful Dwarf 5th Dwarf for Michael - he is soooooo bashful... 145976763 Teddy Doll - 6 inches This is modelled on an original early 1900 teddy doll. I used an antique bisque head. Gaye specially asked for this one. 139565513 For Barbara - 2.5 inches Barbara wanted a little bear to match her doll entry in a doll competition. This bear is the same purple as the little flowers in dolly's dress 139565516 Chelsea - 3.75 inches Karen missed out on "Crunch Time" so I made her a similar bunny. His shoes can be worn on his little feet 139812975 Harrison - 4.5 inches Gaye has another Grand child on the way - this is for baby's birth present 145976759 Xmas Bunny - 4 inches Trish missed out on Tiger Lilly so I offered to make a similar bunny in her choice of colour. Trish liked the idea of a Xmas bunny 145976760 5 by 1 inch bears John ordered these as Xmas presents for his wife and daughters. 145976761 Tiny Mousie - 1.5 inches John also ordered this for his wife 145976768