Adoptions 2011 Adoptions 2011 Clowning Around - 3 inches Gayle was the first to adopt a M. E. Bear in 2011! 112661589 Yvonne 1/12th scale Bear - 1 inch "Thank you Wendy for the beautiful, magical miniature bear, 'Yvonne' who arrived today. She is so, so tiny and the fine details bring out her character. I have a pink miniature rocking horse which is just right for a delightful little bear. I will treasure her; she is gorgeous. Thank you so much. Annie" 113623603 Vincent - 5 inches "This bear is actually even nicer than the photos showed. Thank you! Good job!" 113623884 Jackie Tiny Bear - 2.25 inches "absolutely exquisite miniature bear! very talented lady - thanks" 113624102 Adham - 2.75 inches "One of your best yet, Wendy! Beautifully made. A+++++++++++ transaction!!" 117294826 Be My Teddy Bear - Be My Valentine Show On Lay-by for Debbie 117294827 Coconut Ice - Be My Valentine Show Gayle adopted this one 117294828 Jewel - Be My Valentine Show - 3.5 inches Julie adopted Jewel 117294829 Tin Bear Wizard of Oz "Fast overseas delivery. Fabulous Artist Mini Tin Man Bear. Excellent" 113623980 Wizard of Oz Complete Set hi wendy! all the bears arrived safely this morning they are beautiful!!!!!! i will leave some comment on your website this morning!!! please let me know if you ever create any other character sets! i would be highly interested and could give you some ideas if needed i love your work!!!! thanks so much michael 117294871 Lion Bear Wizard of Oz Last one has sold! 127853711 Sacha Bunny - 4 inches "He is just the cutest little bunny I have ever seen!!! Thank you so much for you awesome work. I just really love him." 119724556 Bronte the Elephant - 5 inches Debbie liked Burning Luv so much she ordered a similar elephant 119724813 Abbey - 2.75 inches Julie ordered a red one - this is my 1920's pattern. 119724814 Dougal - 5 inches Going to live with Gayle 119724816 Valentina - 4.5 inches Lyda has adopted this bunny 119755029 Bunny Brooch I received the brooch, it is so cute ! I am so glad, thank you very much. Have a great day, Anne-Marie 120037210 Chocolate Strawberry - 5 inches Gaye adopted this bear for her Grand Daughter's Easter present. 122064320 Mia the tiny Bunny - 3 inches Felicia the "Bear Scout" has adopted Mia 122064344 Tosca Bear in Bunny Suit "Arrived safely, he is soooo cute! 5* seller, thanks Wendy x" 122064347 Shamus - 3.5 inches Another one for Gayle 127852968 Tiny Clown Just 2.25 inches tall sold on eBay 127852973 Wendall Sailor Tiny 2.25 inch bear sold on eBay 127852974 Bubbles Bunny Barbara S adopted this one 127853303 Bearnocchico This little guy was a commission for Michael. He is 5 1/2 inches tall and is NINE way jointed - he has knees and elbows. He is a limited edition of 5. 128746571 Dopey Dwarf - 4 inc Dopey is the first guy in the set of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. 132524017 Be My Penguin This is a very cute commission I made for a chap. He wanted something special for his sweetheart. They come with little heart pillows with their names on them. AWWWWWWWW! 10 and 12 inches tall 134172172 Cute Bunny - 4 inches The bear scout Felicia Hymer sold this one at an USA show 134172350 Kumo Chow Chow This little guy was a commission for a lady in England! 134468410 Happy Dwarf Happy was the second commission in the set of Snow White and the seven dwarfs! 134468411 Crunch Time!! 4 inches Made for the ACD Awards - Beatrix Potter Theme 136443904 Sew What?! 5 inches Made for the ACD Awards - Beatrix Potter Theme 136444056 Micro Minis Dogs, cats and bunnies - all 1 to 2 inches tall 136444074 Panda Bear - 5 inches I donated this guy as a Brisbane's Winter Wonderland raffle prize. 136444075 An entry in Bear Competition Gayle adopted this one 136444281 Tiger Lilly - 4 inches Valerie in the USA loved this Anime Bunny 143518577 Renee Tiny 3 inch bear Pretty pastel shades of pink and blue! 143518578 Toffee Xmas Tree Decoration - 2.25 inches This will be on Karen's Xmas tree! 143518579 Kurtis - 3.75 inches The bear scout Felicia Hymer sold this one at an USA show 145975316 Cubby Bear - 3.5 inches Gorgeous shade of purple! 145975317 Chase - 2.75 inch Went to a lovely home 145975580 Scare Bear - 4 inches This was the last one - he went to live in the USA 145975583 Phoebe Punky Panda - 5 inches My donation to the Bears That Care Charity for 2011. 145975584 Mackenzie - 4 inches This was my beary first free bear give-a-way. Belinda in the UK WON this bear just for being a member. 145975585 Cassie My Angel Chow Chow Karen adopted this dog - was so sad to see her go! Cassie was nominated for a Sydney People's Choice Award as well as an ABC Award 2011. 145975615 Cooper Panda - 4 inches Sharmaine did some Christmas Shopping for herself 145975821