Hand Made In Australia 
 With Love - Since 1994


Award Winning Bears, 
Rabbits, Mice, 
Elephants, Cats, Dogs, 
And Fantasy  
Critters too.


  • ""Wendy was brave enough to challenge herself to make a chow chow. These dogs are hard to duplicate and get them right. I am just amazed at how acurate she got him. I just lov..."
    U.S.A Member

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 Welcome to M. E. Bears
        Artist Bears And Critters

Please use the tabs above to navigate to the main areas of the site or use any highlighted link to view other pages.  I invite you to come back and visit soon - I am always adding new bears and critters.  Feel free to become a member to keep up to date with any news.

You are beary welcome to Contact Me for more information. Thank You For Visiting I hope you enjoy browsing my website as much as I enjoy making my little critters,   Mini Bear Hugs, Wendy xx

I invite you to check out my brand new webstore, simply click onto this link -  https://bearpile.com/mebearsandcritters.   I will be adding more Critters on a regular basis. 

Also check out my Past Creations - if there is something you like I may be able to make another similar just for you.

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                                                 2013 TOBY Industry's Choice Award

I am so excited to recently win this prestigious award.

"Cheer Up Sleepy Jean" was named in memory of Davy Jones -

"The Manchester Cowboy" member of the 1960's Monkees Band.

To view the wonderful winners please visit